Addressing the myriad of legal issues confronting African American farmers, landowners, and communities in the Black Belt region is a formidable endeavor for a public interest law firm. Efforts to reverse the tide of Black land loss and the dwindling number of African American farmers demands the coordination of a dedicated and astute legal community. The Black Belt Justice Center (BBJC) recognizes the importance of establishing a fortified regional network of law firms and attorneys to support the Center's legal advocacy work throughout the Black Belt region.


The BBJC provides numerous pro bono opportunities for attorneys to enrich themselves while imparting invaluable legal assistance to low-income farmers and landowners throughout the Black Belt region. Throughout the year, the BBJC facilitates pro bono trainings for attorneys interested in working on the range of legal issues associated with stabilizing African American land tenure, primarily in the areas of heir property, foreclosure prevention and estate planning. To ensure a uniform delivery of sound and effective legal services, the BBJC requires pro bono attorneys to participate in BBJC trainings prior to case assignment.


The BBJC is committed to training the next generation of social justice attorneys, academic scholars, land conservationists and social enterpreneurs who are passionate about working on solutions to the numerous challenges faced by African American farmers, landowners and communities in the Black Belt region. The BBJC provides internships to talented and enthusiastic law and graduate students who want to hone their skills and knowledge and become zealous advocates for African American communities in the Black Belt region.


There are infinite possibilities yet imagined for professionals, advocates and community supporters to get involved with the BBJC. The Center recognizes that within our communities we have ample and untapped intellect, creativity and ingenuity - all of these qualities can be utilized by the Center to advance our work.

If you are interested in providing pro bono services, interning or sharing your unique gifts with the Black Belt Justice Center,

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